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Wedding Photos & Vids!

Wedding Photos & Vids!

That’s right folks, I’m a married man as of 8/28/09! The wedding was not a massive event by any means, heh. We’re planning a proper ceremony in April but we both wanted one that was outdoors and the weather here in the Philippines doesn’t really allow for any certainty of sunny weather during the “rainy season”. Still my Mom was able to attend and Danny and Shey were there as our official witnesses. This went down at the Makati City Hall in a courtroom. Be sure to notice the pictures of the rice cooker in the courtroom. Classic! Also watch the vids. Pretty damn funny. I was the only one able to keep from busting out laughing. Also Danny did a hell of a job on crowd control telling off some inconsiderate assholes who walked in and started yammering at one another about where some boxes in the back needed to be moved to!

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