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Transformers Omega Supreme

Transformers Omega Supreme

Surfing this weekend I found a kick-ass site: TFU.INFO. The site has almost ALL the old Transformers toys. Really detailed pics and cool info about each one including if it was ever re-issued, re-colored, re-cast, etc. VERY interesting if you’re into the toys of if you just want a stroll down memory lane.

One of my favorite Transformers when I was a kid was Omega Supreme. In theory it’s still in my mom’s house in USA but a couple years back I found a “re-issue” for sale that was the EXACT same as my childhood toy. So of course I bought it. Back TFU.INFO I found the awesome page on Omega Supreme. But I also noticed they were missing a pic of his new “face” for the re-issue. So I pulled mine out of the box to snap a pic and send it over. Of course the kids got interested so I had to put him together and show them how Omega works. Madi got scared when he started walking toward her 🙂

Anyway, since I had him out snapped a bunch of pix:

Also in researching for a pic for this post I found this just mind-blowing custom made Omega Supreme.  Tons of pics of this build and the creator’s comments here!

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