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Thwart KeyLoggers On Google Login!

Thwart KeyLoggers On Google Login!

When on a computer you don’t trust typing in passwords is scary. You never know if someone is running a keylogger program to capture your info. I came across a way to 100% avoid this problem when logging into Google’s suite of services: DON’T USE THE KEYBOARD! Instead, head over to and crank up a QR Code Reader on your phone. Point it at the pic on the screen and hit the link. Login on your phone and boom, you’re logged in on the browser. No need to type anything! Try it out, it’s really easy! I used the Google Goggles app for iOS on my iPhone to read the QR Codes. Also, gotta give Google credit, they make is EASY to install that app. You can browse to the page, put in your phone number and they’ll text you a link to hit to install the app. Sweet!

Found this one on  KICK ASS SITE!


  1. Trixie Racer  January 17, 2012

    Maybe it’s time for me to get a smart phone…

  2. Anonymous  January 17, 2012

    Heh, you’re still on a dumb phone? Shit, couldn’t live w/o my iPhone at this point.

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