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Video of Old Pearl Plaza Condo

Ok, so I’m experimenting with a new plug-in that will let me embed videos into this page. Additionally I’m playing with converting the vids from .avi (which is huge) to .flv (flash / smaller) format. The goal is below for you to see two videos Shey shot right before we left our old condo in Pearl Plaza. The place had already been cleared out by the movers:

UPDATE 8/24/2011: Switched over to new design / new theme so now the videos ...

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Stanley the Puppy!

Shey and I finally have a child, sort of. Stanley is our baby Beagle. He was born in Oregon. Shey flew from Manila to Los Angeles to pick him up on 4/11/07. As you can see by the pictures and videos below, he’s done nothing but play, sleep, and GROW!

This guy isn’t quite like having a real baby but it’s the closest we are ready to come to that, heh.

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