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Corregidor Island Trip

We took a trip with Rick and the DigiPawn crew to the island of Corregidor Island just off Manila bay. The island was one of the last stands in WWII against the Japanese. As it was retaken it turned into one of the last stands for the Japanese against US and Filipino Troops.

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Shey and Marc’s Third Anniversary

On 6/4/2007 Shey and I had been together for 3 years! We celebrated with a get-away and a romantic dinner! We wanted to get away but not deal with the hassle of a trip. So we checked into a nice hotel in Makati, had an AMAZING dinner, and the staff brought us up an anniversary cake for free!

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Wrapping Presents For Christmas 2006!

It’s hard to get into the Christmas Spirit when it’s 85 degrees outside and 110% humidty. We gave it our best shot by wrapping presents and cranking up the Christmas music!  While we did feel a bit more festive it’s not quite the same.  Heh, not for lack of the locals trying though.  They start putting up xmas decorations and playing xmas songs in the mall on the first of SEPTEMBER!

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Pearl Plaza Condo

This was the first condo we lived in when we moved to Manila. We’ve since moved to a new condo we own, but this one was an awesome party house. We sub-leased it to a buddy so we still get to hang out there once in a while!

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