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Xmas Party With Karen

Ok, so yeah, LOTS of changes in my life.  I’m now in a relationship with an AWESOME woman.  Her name is Karen and this weekend I went over to her family’s place for a xmas party / gathering.  Really cool people and were very welcoming to me.  Heh, kinda freaked them out a bit with my coughing fits (I’ve been sick for like 3 weeks).  But had a really good time hanging out, getting to know everyone, and playing DJ.  ...

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Poker Night @ The Baauw’s

Had an awesome time playing poker with the guys over at Nick and Danny’s place.  Mike brought over his bulldog Hurley which is one cool fucking dog! I haven’t played much poker so no big surprise I wound up losing. Practice makes perfect heh but this “sport” is one where the practice can get expensive!

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Critter Pix

Just trying to get caught up on all the pix I’ve got to post. This post is a dump of all the recent pix of our critters that have been sitting on a memory chip in one of our camera’s. Yes, we love taking pix of our critters. They’re like our kids. Except we don’t have to pay to send them to college!

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Video of Old Pearl Plaza Condo

Ok, so I’m experimenting with a new plug-in that will let me embed videos into this page. Additionally I’m playing with converting the vids from .avi (which is huge) to .flv (flash / smaller) format. The goal is below for you to see two videos Shey shot right before we left our old condo in Pearl Plaza. The place had already been cleared out by the movers:

UPDATE 8/24/2011: Switched over to new design / new theme so now the videos ...

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New Condo At Serendra

Yes, Shey and I are buying a place. It’s at One Serendra which is in the Fort Bonafacio area of Manila. It’s the nicest area in the country and is a fully planned live/work/play/shop community on the grounds of what used to be Fort McKinley. Doesn’t look like much now b/c it’s totally empty but it will be bad ass once we’re done with it!

The cool thing about the development is that it’s 65% green space which means there’s ...

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