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Critter Pix

Just trying to get caught up on all the pix I’ve got to post. This post is a dump of all the recent pix of our critters that have been sitting on a memory chip in one of our camera’s. Yes, we love taking pix of our critters. They’re like our kids. Except we don’t have to pay to send them to college!

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Stanley the Puppy!

Shey and I finally have a child, sort of. Stanley is our baby Beagle. He was born in Oregon. Shey flew from Manila to Los Angeles to pick him up on 4/11/07. As you can see by the pictures and videos below, he’s done nothing but play, sleep, and GROW!

This guy isn’t quite like having a real baby but it’s the closest we are ready to come to that, heh.

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Wrapping Presents For Christmas 2006!

It’s hard to get into the Christmas Spirit when it’s 85 degrees outside and 110% humidty. We gave it our best shot by wrapping presents and cranking up the Christmas music!  While we did feel a bit more festive it’s not quite the same.  Heh, not for lack of the locals trying though.  They start putting up xmas decorations and playing xmas songs in the mall on the first of SEPTEMBER!

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