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Video of Old Pearl Plaza Condo

Ok, so I’m experimenting with a new plug-in that will let me embed videos into this page. Additionally I’m playing with converting the vids from .avi (which is huge) to .flv (flash / smaller) format. The goal is below for you to see two videos Shey shot right before we left our old condo in Pearl Plaza. The place had already been cleared out by the movers:

UPDATE 8/24/2011: Switched over to new design / new theme so now the videos ...

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New Years Eve 2007-2008

Pretty much our first proper party at our new condo in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio. Had pretty much the whole crew over. Damn good time! Ridonkulous amount of drinking but amazingly no drama and nothing got broken. Heh, lame to worry about that but this condo aint cheap!

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New Condo At Serendra

Yes, Shey and I are buying a place. It’s at One Serendra which is in the Fort Bonafacio area of Manila. It’s the nicest area in the country and is a fully planned live/work/play/shop community on the grounds of what used to be Fort McKinley. Doesn’t look like much now b/c it’s totally empty but it will be bad ass once we’re done with it!

The cool thing about the development is that it’s 65% green space which means there’s ...

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Thailand Vacation Pix!

We FINALLY had a vacation! We went to Thailand and stayed 2 nights in Bangkok and then 4 nights in Pattaya which is a beach area 2 hours south of Bangkok. The temples in Bangkok were AMAZING, like nothing I’ve ever seen. They start on page 4 when you click this link if you want to fast forward to the good stuff 🙂

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Corregidor Island Trip

We took a trip with Rick and the DigiPawn crew to the island of Corregidor Island just off Manila bay. The island was one of the last stands in WWII against the Japanese. As it was retaken it turned into one of the last stands for the Japanese against US and Filipino Troops.

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