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Shout-Out for

Shout-Out for

For all my expat friends living abroad, I really suggest you scope out ! For as little as $7/month you can get a USA IP so you can enjoy all the video streaming you want w/o bullcrap international limitations. Also makes it a HELL of a lot easier to do e-commerce transactions b/c you won’t get flagged as using a USA credit card from an foreign IP addy.

And yeah, for full disclosure I do get a $8 credit for this post. But frankly, that’s another cool feature of their service. Pimp them on blog, facebook, twitter and you can get $30 in credit! Pretty sweet!

Oh, and their tech support, absolutely kick ass! They’re available 24/7 and very helpful. I had problems getting my hacked Nook running Cyanogen Mod up and running on their service and they even helped with that. Most services hear the word hacked and they’re like we’ll you’re on your own. Not these guys!

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