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Run Mobile Apps On Your PC!

Run Mobile Apps On Your PC!

Got a favorite mobile app that you wish you could run on your PC?  Well now there’s a damn good chance you can! Scope out!  They just launched a free beta of this software that lets you run Android on a PC.  It kicks ASS!  I’m not a huge fan of Android as compared to iOS but there are tons of apps that run on both that I wish I could run on my PC easily.

My favorite News app for example is  Not available on anything but mobile devices.  Now, no problem:

And of course the EVER popular Angry Birds:

The default “launcher” (think like pages/home interface on iOS) has been dumbed down since this isn’t running on a phone or tablet, but certainly seems to do what you need:

Also they’ve built in some customized tools to change what the apps think their running on: tablet, phone, large phone, etc:

There’s a full on app store built in right off the bat:

But looks like it also has Amazon’s app store as well 🙂 So far though everything else looks like standard Android functionality.  Soon as I installed it, popped up letting me know there were updates to apps:

One nice thing about Android vs iOS is a bunch of the apps that cost on iOS are free on Android 🙂  So bottom line, if you’ve got a mobile app you wish you could run on a PC this is a great tool.  My kids are LOVING that they can play their favorite games now w/o having to fight over the iPAD 🙂



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