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So a week a ago I rode my motorcycle up to Subic to visit my wife and kids who were there on vacation. Once I got there I had what I THOUGHT was an ingrown hair on my right thigh. So as I normally do I “popped” it. Um, it got worse. WAY WORSE. Two days later it was as big around as a slice of pepperoni. That was the dark red, swollen part. Then another six inches or so around was light red and slightly swollen. Yuck. So I get home a couple days later and start taking antibiotics. No dice. This nasty think keeps growing. SUPER tender, hurts like hell, feels like it’s about to burst. It sprouts 3 “heads” and nasty ass puss comes out. So Tuesday I go to the doctor. He informs me that I have to have surgery! Damn! I had to have “debridement” surgery. Click the word, takes you to wikipedia entry that says this is “is the medical removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue”.

Yeah, so they had to actually put me under, then go in and scrape out all the nastiness. Doc said IF there was enough living skin left he’d stitch it up. If not, I’d be left with a big gaping hole in my leg. Yeah, well, not enough skin left as it turns out. So I’m out $1500 and I’ve got a nasty hole in my leg.

Best I’ve been able to figure out sounds like this was a spider bite that then got a staph infection. Lovely! Check the pix:


  1. Axzar  March 28, 2013

    A quick FYI as I understand it. Staph infections “display” themselves from the inside out. That’s why many people confuse them with bug bites! So if you think you were bit by a spider, but don’t remember being bit, get to the hospital. Good thing you caught it!

  2. marcwomack  March 28, 2013

    Already been to hospital, they put me under and operated on me.

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