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Madi’s 2nd Birthday Party!

Madi’s 2nd Birthday Party!

THANK YOU everyone for making Madi’s party so much fun! She was so worn out she had to sleep and open most of her presents the next day! Got TONS of pix and vids below so check them out. Seems kinda crazy that all this time Karen and I have been together, this was the first event we ever had that was attended by our circle of ex-pat friends, local friends, AND local family members. Crazy it took so long to happen but what a great reason for EVERYONE to get together and celebrate!

[fpphotos id=10150708104083747]

and now some vids from the party (but keep scrolling b/c below these we’ve got more pix of Madi opening presents)!

And now, let’s see some pix of Madi opening her presents!

[fpphotos id=10150708147118747]

And now for the vids of Madi opening her presents. Heh, on the first one, I swear Karen is more excited about the present than Madi!

Wow! LOT of pix and vids, huh?

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