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Madi Loves Roku

Madi Loves Roku

Madison, my 3 year old daughter read her first word yesterday: Roku.  First word she was able to sound out the letters, put them together, and read a word.  Roku? What’s that?  It’s a killer media streamer box I bought a while back and my daughter absolutely LOVES.  With it she can stream to the TV any of hundreds of kids movies I’ve got on my computer.  Sounds like a cheezy advertising line, but the interface REALLY is so simple a 3 year old can use it.  And she does.  A LOT.  Heh.  Here’s a video of her reading her first word:

Really the Roku is a great f’ing product.  You can easily add all kinds of channels to stream straight to your TV:


As I mentioned, the interface for using Roku is ridonkulously easy to use:

What my family uses Roku most for though is the ability to EASILY stream all the videos I’ve got downloaded to our TV.   Concept is simple: you’ve got boatloads of vids downloaded on your computer.  How to get them to you TV?  With Roku very easy.   You add the Plex app from their channel store, install Plex Media Manager on your computer, tell it where you media is, and you’re DONE.    Unlike other solutions (yeah I’m looking at you WDTV) this setup automatically organizes your media in the interface, downloads images for series, hell even theme music, and of course summary text and review scores on every movie and/or TV show.  It’s all AUTOMATIC.  Yeah, this is more the work of the Plex App (which is great) but mad props to Roku for being the easiest way to get Plex running on your TV.  Doesn’t get much easier than this:


Roku offers three different models ranging from $50 to $100.  We’ve got the Roku 2XD which I love and have no complaints about.  That said I’ve got a major woody for the Roku 3 b/c of one killer feature they added: headset port in the remote.  If I had that I could watch vids late night w/o bugging the crap out of my sleeping wife 🙂



So yeah, I’m done gushing about a product.  Those of you that know me know I don’t pimp something often and I only do it when I REALLY LOVE IT but Roku deserves the praise.  I’m an early adopting tech nerd and I’ve been doing media streaming to my TV since I put a mod chip on my original Xbox and installed XBMC back in the day.  I’ve tried other “streamers” like Western Digital’s products (which suck hairy donkey balls).  Hands down Roku is the BEST solution.  It’s easy as hell, inexpensive, and has all the functionality you could ever want.


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