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Liberal vs. Conservative

Liberal vs. Conservative

I’ve always hated labels.  I’ve got friends and family in my FB feed that are generally considered “ultra-conservative”. I see the posts for America Secede or Why Obama Sucks.  Then I’ve got friends that are considered “super liberal” with posts about Atheism, Gay Marriage, and how corrupt the US Government is.

Funny b/c I agree with a lot of what both say.  Hence I try to steer clear of the labels.  Made me think of a GREAT bit done by Richard Jeni before he offed himself:

If you’re on the far right or far left of politics you’ve gone to far.

Right Wing Crew: a bunch of money grubbing, greenhouse gassing, seal clubbing, oil drilling, bible thumping, missle firing, right to lifin’, lethal injecting hypocrites. People whose idea of good time is strapping a dead panda to the front of a Lincoln Navigator and running over everybody in the gay parade”

Lefty Liberals: a bunch of bong smoking, America bashing, flag burning, yoga posing, incense burning, dolphin saving, salmon eating hypocrites. People who are always yelling about freedom of speech and expression unless you say something that pisses them off. Then they tie you to the back of a Toyota hybrid and drag your carcas to the Berkley campus and drop you in front of the Fidel Castro Building for the Continuing Study of Why America Sucks.

Only place that it makes sense to be is a little more moderate, Centrist, in the middle: bunch of flip-flopping, fence sitting, half in, half out, half assed, non-voting so they can bitch no matter who wins.

Here’s the clip.  Enjoy:

See, no matter what you’re believe you’re still a douche bag.  🙂

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