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iOS App to Fight Scamming Taxi’s!

iOS App to Fight Scamming Taxi’s!

In Manila, Taxi drivers are seriously the biggest scumbags on earth.  By law they can’t deny a paying fare.  But laws don’t usually apply here.  They won’t even OPEN the door until you tell them where you want to go.  And of course if it’s too far, they’ll usually tell you to fuck off.  If you’re lucky they’ll just quote you an absurd “fixed price” rate.  Again, illegal.  Even if you win the argument to force them to run their meter, then they’ll just screw you by taking a super long route.

I found a solution!  It’s a $1 app for iOS called myTaxiControl.  It works in 160 cities INCLUDING Manila!  You input where you’re gonna go and it uses GPS and it’s own internal databases of “normal” taxi fares to compute how much the ride should cost, and let you know whether or not the driver is taking a B.S. route!

Now if you want to do the low-stress thing you can use this app before you get in the taxi to figure out what it should cost.  But, if you want to what I call the “Karma is a bitch” method, you use the app to figure out how much the ride should cost, then agree to whatever rip-off rate the taxi driver tries to charge you.  When you reach your destination you just pay them what the app says it should have cost.  When they complain.  You say slowly and carefully, to be sure they understand you, Karma Is A Bitch! Heh.

Of course if you already know where you’re going and the normal rate you don’t really need this app. But given the 160 cities worldwide it supports, it’s also going to be quite useful for those who travel often.  I’m sure I’ve gotten ripped off once or twice in a city I don’t know by a taxi driver!

So yeah, scope the app out. Sorry pirate types, I checked and doesn’t have it, you’re gonna have to pony up the dough!


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