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I Miss Bologna Sandwiches!

I Miss Bologna Sandwiches!

Don’t know why tonight I’m in touch w/ my inner white-trash / redneck self but FUCK I wish I had a bologna sandwich.  The ingredients are so SIMPLE:

white_bread bologna
american_cheese mayo mustard


That’s it.  I’ve lived in the Philippines eight years.  I’ve managed to find everything I can’t get in the states (Ranch Dressing was the hardest) EXCEPT good bologna.  I’m talking about Oscar Mayer with the red plastic around it you pull off and strip the last tasty bits of processed meat off with your teeth!  Can’t find it!  I’ve got EVERYTHING else!  UGHHH! It’s like Peanut Butter with no Jelly or Hamburger Helper with no hamburger or Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries but no milk!

While I’m bitching also can’t find this tasty little bit of Americana:



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