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Holy Black Jesus In My Yard!

Holy Black Jesus In My Yard!

There’s a Black Jesus in my yard!  No kidding!  I hear this blaring church music right outside my door. I go look and there’s like 150 people out there, a huge honking cross, and a parade float with a big black Jesus riding in it! WTF!?!  Apparently Holy Week is coming here in the Philippines and Friday night at 9PM is the time to start “celebrating” by doing night time parades blaring jeebus music with a negroid plaster savior on a float.  GREAT!  Scope the vids below!


  1. filofail  December 11, 2012

    Ironic they’re so very religious, one of the most religious countries on earth, yet one of the most corrupt countries on earth. How does that work? Faith in god?? Apparently not enough if they have to senselessly fuck each other over, steal, lie, cheat each other as a general way of life.

    Philippines is the land of illusions.

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