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Get 4.5 GB Free Space on DropBox!

Get 4.5 GB Free Space on DropBox!

Use Dropbox? Want 4.5 Gigs of free space?  Scope this link to download their expiremental new build!  The new feature is how it’ll offer to automatically import in pix and vids from a memory card inserted into your computer.  In exchange for helping them test it, for every 500mb you upload they’ll up your space limit by 500mb all the way up to 4.5GB!  So upload some pix off a memory card and get your space increased!  Yay!


Using it now and I’m really surprised by how quickly it uploads pix, especially on my crappy connection!

And of course if you’re not using the super awesome Dropbox, you should be! Heh.  But sign up using my link so I get MORE free space!  It’s like crack!




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