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EASY way to get to USA-Only Sites!

EASY way to get to USA-Only Sites!

Found a really cool post on LifeHacker today about a free service that’ll be really useful for folks living outside the US of A.  Sites like Hulu, NBC, and even some vids on YouTube are blocked if you’re not coming from the States.  Sure you could setup a VPN or proxy connection but for the non-tech-nerd-types that isn’t exactly easy.  Changing your DNS settings though, not terribly difficult.  So that’s where Tunlr comes in.

That’s it!  Just change your DNS to that and you’re rocking and rolling!  Tunlr’s Getting Started page gives you easy step-by-step instructions.  I’m in the Philippines watching Hulu right now!  Now as awesome as this is, there’s a catch.  No, it doesn’t cost anything.  It really is free. But you don’t want to leave your DNS set to his all the time.  From their FAQ page:

Why you shouldn’t set your DNS permanently to Tunlr

For speed, stability, privacy and security reasons we do not recommend to permanently set your computer’s or router’s DNS addresses to Tunlr. Setting the DNS permanently to Tunlr also puts a heavy strain on Tunlr’s network infrastructure. In order to render the permanent use of our DNS less attractive, we’re artificially delaying responses to DNS queries. What this means is that your Internet surfing experience will be a lot slower than if you’d just use your Internet service provider’s DNS. However, your ability to download/stream audio or video content is not affected by this delay. To sum it up: do not use our DNS servers for day to day web surfing.

Now, when you change your DNS off Tunlr what should it be? GOOGLE!  Seriously, DNS servers of lots of ISP’s (especially in the Philippines) suck ass.  Amazing how “slow internet” is often really slow DNS.  Google’s DNS is free and easy as fook to remember: and  How hard is that?


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