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Dual-Sim iPhone!

Dual-Sim iPhone!

This is bad-ass for anyone that has a jailbroken iPhone and travels!  That or lives in the Philippines.  Almost every Filipino I know carries around at least 2 phones.  I came across this post that gives a pretty in-depth review of a new iPhone case that gives you the ability to use TWO SIM CARDS!  Pretty damn bad-ass!

The manufacturer is over in China but they have an Engrish (yeah, can’t bring myself to call it English) page up promoting the product here.  The case not only has a 2nd SIM slot but an additional battery as well.  Looks like it costs $150 which isn’t too bad!  Here’s some pix:


I did some digging and managed to find a video showing how this works on what’s gotta be the Chinese version of Youtube:

I’m just digging on the tech, I don’t travel much and I don’t need dual SIM functionality.  But if anyone orders this, please do comment below to let me know how it works!

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