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Dog Riding Moped in Manila

Dog Riding Moped in Manila

Now I’ve seen a lot of crazy things on mopeds here in Manila.  I’ve seen 4 full size adults packed onto on.  I’ve seen three “State Police” riding on a single moped.  Yeah, nothing says “authority” figure like riding bitch on a moped.  I often see a family: dad driving with helmet, baby in the middle without helmet, and mom riding on the back with a helmet.  I call this the nutcracker.

But nothing compares to what I saw today.  No crap, a dog riding on a moped.  Not on a sidecar.  The dog was just balancing himself on the backseat.  Honestly this is pretty jacked up of the moped driver.  Poor dog was tied to the scooter by the neck so if he did fall he was fooked.  Scope the pix:

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