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Darth Vader’s #2 In The Philippines

Darth Vader’s #2 In The Philippines

Today I felt like combining two of my favorite things:  Star Wars humor and ripping on the Philippines.  For those not living here you wouldn’t understand but the reality is “toilet paper” isn’t very popular here.  Instead they use a small plastic ladle called a tabo and a bucket of water:


If they do have toilet paper you can’t put the used material in the toilet but instead have to put it into a trash can next to the toilet.  Lovely.  TP is so new most people don’t know the concept of “courtesy flush” if you’ve got a lot of paperwork so they clog the toilet.  Nice.

Anyway, saw a great pic over on the Daily Star Wars Tumblr and modified it to show what Darth would think of taking a crap in the Philippines:


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