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Cooking With The Kids

Cooking With The Kids

Karen and I just love cooking. We’re “foodies” and it’s pretty damn cool that our kids seem to be getting into it as well. It’s also a great chance for us to all do some quality family time. Not helping my belly or Madison’s though. Wifey keeps saying I need to lose weight but the same day cookies killer cookies or awesome cake. Heh. But we are spending less $$$ on dining out, generally eating healthier food, and of course spending more time w/ the kids.

Scope some pix below but don’t think that just b/c Nizza, my eldest daughter, isn’t in any of them that she doesn’t help in the kitchen. Most of these pix were taking by Karen when she was cooking. When I’m the one cooking, Nizza is always my go-to helper. She’s damn good in the kitchen!

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