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Opening Presents From Mom for Christmas 2006

An hour before we left for our trip to Baguio, Fed-Ex showed up with a package from the US. Mom had express shipped our presents to be sure we got them before Christmas day. Thanks Mom! It’s great to know the family back in the USA is still thinking of us!

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Wrapping Presents For Christmas 2006!

It’s hard to get into the Christmas Spirit when it’s 85 degrees outside and 110% humidty. We gave it our best shot by wrapping presents and cranking up the Christmas music!  While we did feel a bit more festive it’s not quite the same.  Heh, not for lack of the locals trying though.  They start putting up xmas decorations and playing xmas songs in the mall on the first of SEPTEMBER!

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Silver Presents from Baguio for Christmas 2006

Baguio is known for it’s excellent silversmiths and great prices. Shey and I picked up a bracelet for me, puzzle rings for both of us, a matching necklace and pair of earrings for Shey, and finally an amazing dragon for Shey. All this for less than $150!!

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Trip to Baguio for Christmas 2006

For Xmas, Shey and I drove our new car up to Baguio. The town has the highest elevation in the Philippines so it’s much, much cooler. Sixty to fifty-five degree weather along with tons of pine trees was the closest to “christmas spirit” we could get. The other guy in several of the pictures is Dennis, our assistant and driver.

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